Shanghai – Program 4

November 7th Saturday: PROGRAM 4 – 9h00pm

11月7日周六:第四场 21:00


    • USA 2013 HD 7min.
      美国 2013 高清 7分钟
    • Dir./导演:Lucas Brunelle
    • Cinelli and Tour d’Afrique collaborate on a ride that Lucas Brunelle, Chas Christiansen, and Dario Toso complete from Namibia to South Africa. These riders descend a 1,200 foot dune into fossilized trees and clay, street race in Cape Town, ride through an abandoned buildings, and see amazing wildlife.
      Cinelli 发起的从纳米比亚到南非的环非洲之旅,有Lucas Brunelle, Chas Christiansen, 以及 Dario Toso这样的知名车手参与其中。这些骑手经历了神奇的地貌变化,从沙丘到丛林,直至开普敦街头。让人惊叹的野生动物和被废弃的建筑,一切都让人神往!
    • Denmark 2013 | 1 min.
      丹麦 2013 1分钟
    • Dir./导演: Thallis Vestergaard
    • An animated history of the bicycle in 60 seconds.
    • Switzerland 2015 71min.
      瑞士 2015  71分钟
    • Dir./导演: Frédéric Favre
    • French Subtitles
    • A film about finding your place in the world and the difficulty of growing up.
    • Caroline has finished her education as a journalist but is struggling with the idea of working in an office from now on. Raph is not intending to quit his passion at all but feels that this self-exploitation has to come to an end. Matila is just about to begin his new job and to discover this unique world. Immersed in the world of the bicycle messengers of Lausanne, ‘CYCLIQUE’ lets us participate in the lives of these three messengers who all find themselves at a turning point at this very moment. Is it possible to grow old in this strength-sapping job? Is it feasible «to be free and happy for a lifetime» as Raph is planning to be? Or is the process of growing older automatically leading to compromises and betrayal of the ideals set when young? ‘CYCLIQUE’ takes us on a rollercoaster of decisions and lets us participate in some of the most intimate moments in the lives of Caroline, Raph and Matila. It addresses the difficulties of finding your place in this world.
    • 一部关于探寻自己存在意义以及在逆境中成长的故事。
    • Caroline已经完成了学业,开始以一名记者的身份步入职场。Raph 发现自己正逐渐失去对生活的热情。Matila正准备开始自己的新工作,在洛桑成为一名自行车邮差,崭新的世界正等着他去探索。影片‘CYCLIQUE’ 让观众走近这三个站在人生十字路口的人,是继续繁重的工作直至终老?Raph有没有可能按照 «to be free and happy for a lifetime» 的方式继续生活?或是让成长渐渐背弃自己年少时的理想?‘CYCLIQUE’ 旨在透过Caroline, Raph以及 Matila的生活与人们探讨究竟如何才能在梦想与现实的交错下找回真我。


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