XBRIGHTON 2015 – Saturday Night


[h1]SATURDAY, MARCH 21st[/h1]

[h2]Programme 3: Bicycle Stories[/h2]

Doors 20:30, Screening 21:00

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I’M ALRIGHT – USA 2014 | Dir. John Lynn

A man has hallucinations while riding his bike after a painful crash.


SKI BOYS – Canada 2006 | Dir. Benny Zenga

The lost reels of the Ski Boys, which document their inventive exploits in rural Ontario during the early 70’s.


SOME THINGS RIDE A BICYCLE – USA 2006 | Dir. Chris Jolly

A series of chalkboard animations of various funny objects riding bicycles.


BIKE LANE – USA 2011 | Dir. Casey Neistat

The Neistat Brothers have made a movie for the BFF for many years. This year, Casey dodges obstacles in the bike lane.


MADE IN QUEENS – USA 2008 | Dir. Joe Stevens & Nicolas Randall

Last summer in Queens, NY a group of imaginative tinkerers from Trinidad created something no one had ever seen before: enormous stereo systems jury rigged onto ordinary bmx bikes. Traveling together they treat the neighborhood to an outrageous impromptu music and dance party on wheels.


TRON KONG – Hong Kong 2014 | Dir. Joshua Wong

In the not too distant future, a night-time bicycle ride goes horribly wrong when a masked rider turns it into a game of cat and mouse, but who is chasing who?


ON TIME – USA 1985 | Dir. Ari Taub

This comedy classic short, shown worldwide, marked the debut of director/screenwriter Ari Taub, and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City.  Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, takes us through the streets and boroughs of New York to deliver a package “on time”. Braving the perilous city streets, there’s nothing Jimmy can’t handle. . . or is there?


THE BICYCLE – USA 2012 | Dir. Adam Neustadter and Chris McCoy
An old, abandoned bicycle learns to love again.


DELIVERY – USA 2014 | Dir. Christopher Walker, Joshua Simpson, Michael Beach Nichols

A legend still dedicated to his job and his bicycle.


FOOTPRINTS – Germany/Italy 2013 | Dir. Kristian Ansand & Martin Gilluck

This is Director’s cut. Vogel Fahrradrahmenbau and Tiziano Zullo create elegant custom bikes that reflect the craft and heritage of global framebuilding.


BELLE EPOCH – Italy, USA 2008 | Dir. Robert Chynoweth

Italian cyclist Giuliano Calore (aka “Cyclist of the Impossible”) rides on Europe’s steepest mountain roads while playing different musical instrument.


SISTER SESSION – Estonia 2012 | Dir. Helen Habakuk, Doris Taaker, & Brett Astrid Vomma

Women’s BMX is a small but tight and growing community.  They are making their way to big competitions around the world.  This film captures their first time at a major event like Simple Session.  This is an all female production.


ROAD SAGE – USA 2013 | Dir. Benny Zenga

Lucas Brunelle captures his worldwide bicycle adventures with his helmet camera.