XBRIGHTON 2015 – Friday Bike Out

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[h1]FRIDAY, MARCH 20th[/h1]

[h2]Programme: Urban Bike Shorts[/h2]

Doors 19:30, Screening 20:00

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CARMA – Portugal/Spain 2013 HD | Dir. Ramses Albin’ana/Oriol Segarra

A Journey of a bike that doesn’t know who she is.



Follow Geophysicist Rex Flake on a high-adrenaline mountain bike ride through the Cascade Mountains as he identifies the flora, fauna, and geology of this cinematic region.


STAYER (STEHER) – Switzerland 2012 HD | Dir. Adrian Winkler

Up until the 80’s “Stayer” bicycle races were huge events. If “Stayer” cyclists were a species today they would be under protection.


KEIRIN: LEADER DON’T CRASH – Japan 2011 | Dir. Jonathan de Villiers

Photographer-filmmaker Jonathan de Villiers takes a look inside the fast paced and lucrative world of Japan’s Keirin cycling phenomenon.


BOY – England 2012 | Dir. Justin Chadwick

A man, coping with the loss of his son, works a branch into a perfect block of wood and installs it into a velodrome track as a memorial.  He rides the track on his son’s bike, making the journey his son never could.  Boy stars respected British actor Timothy Spall, whose works include Secrets and Lies and Harry Potter.


PEAKS OF LIFE – UK 2013 | Dir. Kris Forrest

With a great outlook on life, Tom isn’t letting his accident slow him down.


MY WONDERFUL BICYCLE – USA 2014 | Dir. Steve Olpin

A portrait of painter Taliah Lempert.


PHILIPPA AND NANCY – Scotland 2011 | Dir. Paul Whyte, Ciarra Barry, Claire McInnes, & Nora Smyth

Where does one find love in the modern world? In night clubs?  On the internet? Best friends Philippa and Nancy have tried all that, without success. Now they turn to their bicycles to try a new method…


THE CYCLIST – USA 2013 | Dir. Morgan Krantz

A love story that will send you spinning…


BIKELORDZ: STYLES ALIVE EDITION – Ghana 2012 | Dir. Mikey Hart

Bikelordz is a film about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle BMX

culture which young people in Accra have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. This new edit includes a sneak preview of the HD feature currently in post production, which shows many of the same characters 4 years later still hustling to make their passion their lives.


LUCAS BRUNELLE OFF THE GRID – Panama, Columbia and USA | Dir. Benny Zenga

Lucas Brunelle continues his relentless search for the most challenging and dangerous places on earth and sets his sights on the Darien Gap – a swath of land connecting Panama to Colombia. This prehistoric jungle has no roads and is infested by kidnappers, cartel, and FARC. Lucas leads a cycling trip with three of his friends, lots of camera equipment, and a new level of risk taking. The journey takes us from the booming metropolis of Panama City through the jungle, into Indian villages in the deepest isolation of the jungle, and finally to Bogota Colombia for an alleycat.