BFF Filmmaker Brian Vernor’s new film ‘FINDING STRONG’

It’s not a bike film but definitely worth the shout out. Brian has been involved in cycling, film and photography for many years. He has been a long standing contributor to the Bicycle Film Festival and a valued friend to the BFF and cycling. His latest project “Finding Strong” is a close look into running and the culture that surrounds it.

“I’ve spent so much time focussed on one thing this year, Finding Strong. This film is a collaboration with Saucony and Runner’s World Magazine. I also worked closely with Saucony’s agency OLSON. Together we made this film to look at how running is a community activity, and that through the community of running we can inspire or simply create transformation in people. This film doesn’t track a hero’s journey, and “personal records” are never mentioned, but this film shows how simple running can be while having a complex and immense impact in people’s lives. Finding Strong was shot in NYC, Djibouti, Brazil, Finland and Japan. The film premiered at the NYIT in NYC this past Saturday, and will be screening at special events through the end of the year. After that it should be widely available online.” – Brian Vernor.

Make sure you catch a screening of this one!