Join EnviroCentre and MOBI-O for the Bicycle Film Festival in Ottawa, a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music.

From its base in New York, the Bicycle Film Festival has held events in over 85 cities worldwide to an accumulated audience of over one million people. And now it’s coming to Ottawa!

There are three programs:

  • Program 1 – 5:00 pm – Cinematic Bike Shorts (English with French subtitles)
  • Program 2 – 7:00 pm – Fun Bike Shorts
  • Program 3 – 9:00 pm – Urban Bike Shorts

Click here to purchase tickets (tickets are $20/program or all 3 programs for $50)

  • Secure Bike parking is available
  • Refreshments available at Brigid’s Well
  • Program 1 (Cinematic Bike Shorts) is bilingual – French subtitles
  • All films are under 16 minutes
  • Tickets are non-transferable

See program details below.


Rejoignez EnviroCentre et MOBI-O pour le Bicycle Film Festival à Ottawa, une célébration de la culture cycliste à travers le cinéma, l’art et la musique dans le cadre de la campagne J’embarque!

Depuis sa création à New-York, le Bicycle Film Festival a tenu des représentations dans 85 villes à travers le monde touchant ainsi un auditoire de plus d’un million de spectateurs. Et maintenant, il se tiendra à Ottawa!

Il y a trois représentations:

  • Programme 1 – 5:00 pm – Courts métrages cinématographiques (En anglais avec sous-titres français)
  • Programme 2 – 7:00 pm – Courts métrages ludiques
  • Programme 3 – 9:00 pm – Courts métrages urbains

Cliquez ici  pour acheter des billets (les billets sont de 20$/programme ou les 3 programmes pour 50$)

  • Du stationnement sécuritaire pour vélo est disponible
  • Des rafraîchissements sont disponibles au Brigid’s Well
  • Le Programme 1 (courts métrages cinématographiques) est bilingue
  • Tous les films ont une durée de moins de 16 minutes
  • Les billets ne sont pas transférables



PROGRAM 1 – CINEMATIC BIKE SHORTS – 5:00pm (86 minutes)

These films will be shown in English with French subtitles. In this viewing, you will see all of the following films:

Lebanon/Spain 2015 | 5min.
Dir. Jean-Marc Joseph
A messenger in Lebanon uses his knowledge and warmth to form a group that organizes events to introduce biking into the community.

Guidé par son grand cœur et le désir de partager ses connaissances, un coursier forme un groupe auquel il confie la mission d’organiser des événements pour initier les différentes communautés du Liban au vélo.

USA 2015 | 6min.
Dir. Chris Flanagan
Profile of Speedvagen Cyclocross Team racer Laura Winberry, her integration of poetry and cyclocross and why they call it “Family Racing”.

Portrait de Laura Winberry, membre de l’équipe de cyclocross Speedvagen, à travers sa passion pour la poésie et pour ce sport. Exploration de la dimension familiale de la course.

France 2017 | 11min.
Dir. Antoine Sabourin
A glimpse inside the world of one of the most progressive BMX riders of these past years, Florent Soulas, who in his private life, lives off the land growing his own vegetables.

Un aperçu dans la vie du plus progressiste des adepte du BMX des dernières années, Florent Soulas, qui au quotidien vit de la terre et cultive son potager.

ON TIME (English only)
USA 1985 | 16mm 10min.
Dir. Ari Taub
This comedy classic short, shown worldwide, marked the debut of director/screenwriter Ari Taub, and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City. Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, takes us through the streets and boroughs of New York to deliver a package “on time”. Braving the perilous city streets, there’s nothing Jimmy can’t handle. . . or is there?

Ce court-métrage à petit budget, tourné à New York et projeté partout dans le monde, marque les débuts du réalisateur et scénariste Ari Taub. Jimmy, un coursier en vélo travaillant pour Albatross Courier Company, nous amène à travers les rues et les quartiers de New York pour livrer un coli “à temps”. Bravant les rues périlleuses de la ville, rien ne fait peur à Jimmy… Vraiment rien?

UK/Rwanda 2012 | 13min.
Dir. Ben Ingham
Ben Ingham offers an incredibly stunning and thrilling view of the annual Tour De Rwanda set to a soundtrack by Fela Kuti.

Ben Ingham nous offre une vision exceptionnelle et saisissante du Tour du Rwanda, le tout soutenu par une bande sonore de Fela Kuti.

UK 2015 | 9min.
Dir. Orlando von Einsiedel
As a boy growing up, Samuel Mugisha dreamed of being a part of the Rwandan national cycling team, Team Rwanda, as he believed it would be a way to help make money for his family. What he discovered was something else entirely. In a country trying to get over the trauma of a genocide, Team Rwanda represents a lot more than sport.

Enfant, Samuel Mugisha rêvait de faire partie de l’équipe nationale de cyclisme du Rwanda, Team Rwanda, pensant que cela lui permettrait de subvenir aux besoins de sa famille. Ce qu’il découvre, c’est tout autre chose. Dans un pays qui essaie de surmonter le traumatisme du génocide, Team Rwanda représente bien plus que du sport.

Japan 2011 | HD 6min.
Dir. Jonathan de Villiers
Photographer-filmmaker Jonathan de Villiers takes a look inside the fast paced and lucrative world of Japan’s Keirin cycling phenomenon.

Le photographe-cinéaste Jonathan de Villiers nous fait découvrir le monde trépidant et lucratif du phénomène des courses Keirin au Japon.

USA 2014 | 16min.
Dir. Ben Ingham
This film, produced by Rapha is about two of America’s finest and most inspiring road racers, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney. Their careers saw them move from domination of domestic races to international and Olympic success.

Ce film, produit par Rapha, nous présente deux des plus grands coureurs sur route aux États-Unis, Davis Phinney et Connie Carpenter-Phinney. Au cours de leur carrière, ils se sont imposés d’abord au niveau national, puis international et finalement, aux Jeux olympiques.

Canada 2016 | 10min.
Dir. Zenga Bros.
Benny Zenga has made over five films that have screened at the Bicycle Film Festival. The Zenga family bring their eccentric brand of creativity to the streets while traveling and living on tall bikes.

Benny Zenga a fait plus de cinq films projetés au Bicycle Film Festival. La famille Zenga exprime son excentricité et sa créativité en circulant dans les rues sur des vélos au cadre surélevé.


PROGRAM 2 – FUN BIKE SHORTS – 7:00pm (86 minutes)

In this viewing, you will see all of the following films:

Mexico 2016 | 5min.
Dir. Pablo Acevedo
The story of the bicycle through its most important stages and events in the shortest format possible.

USA 2015 | 2min.
Dir. Danielle Levitt
Portraits of BMXers in the Bronx.

Sweden, Uganda 2016 | 15min.
Dir. Emilia Stålhammar, Veronica Pålsson, Elsa Löwdin
Amanda Ngabirano’s biggest dream is to have a cycling lane in her city, Kampala,Uganda. This nation faces a chaotic and dangerous traffic environment, but also struggles with endless queues, pollution, motorcyclists and cars attacking from every angle. An impossible task according to most, but not according to Amanda Ngabirano.

England 2016 | 2min.
Dir. Jiaqi Wang
The World Naked Bike Ride is a global protest where people cycle naked through cities. The ride is a celebration of bikes and bodies, a protest against oil dependency and a demonstration of cyclists’ vulnerability. All scripts are based on true people and true stories.

Germany 2016 | 3min.
Dir. Steven Prael
A refugee bike story. Part of the exhibition “The Own Drive” at the Pillnitz Palace in Dresden.

USA 2008 | HD 5min.
Dir. Patrick Trefz
Santa Cruz artist and chef, Jim Denevan, creates land art by bicycle.

Switzerland 2015 | 2min.
Dir. Christian Mülhauser
A moonlit downhill ride at the base of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Scotland 2011 | Digital SLR 8min.
Dir. Paul Whyte, Ciarra Barry, Claire McInnes, & Nora Smyth
Where does one find love in the modern world? In night clubs? On the internet? Best friends Philippa and Nancy have tried all that, without success. Now they turn to their bicycles to try a new method…

Canada 2016 | 4min.
Dir. Joe Codben
A man is stuck in loops of abstract memories after a relationship suddenly ends, circling through the madness of grief. Piano score by G. I. Gurdjieff.

Finland 2015 | 8min.
Dir. Julius Koivistoinen
A story about life, happiness and mental strength. Starring ultra athlete Markku Saarinen. Narrated by Frank Boyle. Original music by Teea Aarnio.

Spain 2016 | 2min.
Dir. Rafa De Los Arcos
The classic cyclist shoemaker, Ribo opens the doors to his workshop.

USA 2017 | 5min.
Dir. Jon Lynn
40 Miles, 5boros, 1 day, 0 cars. Journalist Mordechai Rubinstein aka MISTERMORT rides his first ever TD Five Boro Bike Tour finding a new love for the city that made him: New York City.

USA 2017 | 5min.
Dir. Brendan Leonard
Gregory Crichlow left his architecture job in 2011 to start a bicycle shop in Five Points, a traditionally African-American and Latino neighborhood in Denver. Servicing residents’ bikes keeps the doors open, but hand-building steel frames is what inspires him.

Estonia 2012 | HD 11min.
Dir. Helen Habakuk, Doris Taaker, & Brett Astrid Vomma
Women’s BMX is a small but tight and growing community. They are making their way to big competitions around the world. This film captures their first time at a major event like Simple Session. This is an all female production.

Ukraine 2017 | 5min.
Dir. Sashkob Danylenko
You can tell a lot about a city by looking at its bicycles.

USA 2016 | 4min.
Dir. Sai Selvarajan
A woman rides home alone.


PROGRAM 3 – URBAN BIKE SHORTS – 9:00pm (89 minutes)

Australia 2015 | 10min.
Dir. Nash Edgerton
Jack means well, but sometimes good intentions have horrible consequences.

France 2015 | 7min.
Dir. Juliette Coutellier, Charlotte Da-Ros, Cyril Flous, Amélie Graffet, David Jurine, Roxane Martinez
Short film from The School of Animated Cinema & Synthetic Image in Paris.

USA 2013 | HD 10min.
Dir. Morgan Krantz
A love story that will send you spinning…

Kenya 2017 | 6min.
Dir. Issac Seigel Boettner, Jacob Seigel Boettner
In Kakamega, Kenya, young female students used to walk hours to and from school, dodge the predatory advances of motorcycle taxi drivers and often arrive exhausted and terrified. Now, thanks to the bicycles they received from World Bicycle Relief, these hurdles have disappeared.

England 2012 | Digital 10min.
Dir. Justin Chadwick
A man, coping with the loss of his son, works a branch into a perfect block of wood and installs it into a velodrome track as a memorial. He rides the track on his son’s bike, making the journey his son never could. Boy stars respected British actor Timothy Spall, whose works include Secrets and Lies and Harry Potter.

USA 2015 | 4min.
Dir. Tomas Mankovsky
Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of two teens exploring young love. But not everything is what it seems. Music by No Age’s Randy Randall.

Spain 2016 | 8min.
Dir. Mito Echevarria
Adolf Silva tells the story of his journey after a BMX crash and how the accident motivated him to fight to be even better than he was.

USA 2012 | HD 7min.
Dir. Adam Neustadter and Chris McCoy
An old, abandoned bicycle learns to love again.

Estonia 2016 | 6min.
Dir. Sander Joon
An addicted biker runs out of cigarettes. He joins the race to get more, but has to accept help from some peculiar people in the audience to stay in the competition.

USA 2017 5min.
Dir. Lucas Brunelle
Bikes rock!!

Netherlands 2015 | 16min.
Dir. Fadi Hindash
Once a week, a group of migrant women from Southeast Amsterdam meet in a gymnasium to learn how to cycle. Supervising their bicycle course is a Ghanaian woman nicknamed ‘Mama Agatha’. Over the summer, this community mother gives the ladies from China, Pakistan and Suriname the confidence to get behind the two wheels for the first time.

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