NEW YORK – Program 1


CYCLIQUE – 7:00 pm




USA 2015 – 2min.

Dir. Matt Gee

Found footage of the iconic Lil 500.




USA 2015 – 71min.

Dir. Frédéric Favre

A film about finding your place in the world and the difficulty of growing up.

Caroline has finished her education as a journalist but is struggling with the idea of working in an office from now on. Raph is not intending to quit his passion at all but feels that this self-exploitation has to come to an end. Matila is just about to begin his new job and to discover this unique world. Immersed in the world of the bicycle messengers of Lausanne, ‘CYCLIQUE’ lets us participate in the lives of these three messengers who all find themselves at a turning point at this very moment. Is it possible to grow old in this strength-sapping job? Is it feasible «to be free and happy for a lifetime» as Raph is planning to be? Or is the process of growing older automatically leading to compromises and betrayal of the ideals set when young? ‘CYCLIQUE’ takes us on a rollercoaster of decisions and lets us participate in some of the most intimate moments in the lives of Caroline, Raph and Matila. It addresses the difficulties of finding your place in this world.

Cyclique 5